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Lost - a magazine about self-discovery through travel


Issue Seven is 17.5cmx24cm, 294 pages, bilingual (English & Chinese) and features 10 personal travel stories.


Featured stories:
Diane Chiang attempts to overcome her fear of water by embarking on a snorkelling trip to Gili Air in “The Fear and the Calm”


Celine Meunier discovers what it really means to live as a nomad in Kyrgyzstan in “The Nomadic Way of Life”.


Daniel Koh shares his experiences of helping out at a husky farm in Finland in “The Arctic Cold”.

Evan Balkan describes his experience of visiting the Mississippi Blues Trail in “A Beautiful and Haunted Tune”.


Emily Shao ponders over the definition of happiness during her visit to the mysterious and special city of Pyongyang.


Issue Seven stories:
The Fear and the Calm / A Changing Cuba / The Nomadic Way of Life / Gentle World / Embracing the Madness / The Journey / The Arctic Cold / After the Breakup / A Beautiful and Haunted Tune / Red Funk


Issue Seven Contributors:
Diane Chiang 
Benn Jeffries
Celine Meunier
Erin Armstrong
Jameson Kergozou
Zachary Peats-Bond
Daniel Koh
Evan Balkan
Emily Shao


more infos:


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Lost Magazine issue 07

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