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FLOW is a magazine about reconnecting with Nature. It believes that Nature isn’t only found in the wild outdoors, but is actually all around us, wherever energy is flowing. It is a magazine that seeks to uncover the different ways we can flow and become one with Nature — because we were part of Nature all along.


Issue 01: Breath of Nature
There is life in the air. A light breeze is all it takes to make our skin tingle. How does the wind make us feel alive? How does it feel when our hair catches the wind? What does breathing in fresh air do for us? From sitting by the window to going outdoors, the wind wraps and pushes against our bodies in many different ways. What happens when our minds and bodies glide like the wind? In our first issue, we look at how the wind affects our everyday lives from within our bodies, around our living spaces and outside of our homes.

21cm x 28.5cm, 244 pages, bilingual (English and Chinese)

The Art of Breathing / Through the Surface  / Open Air / When Spaces Breathe / Riding the Wind / Wind Drawings / Traces

Featured stories:


The Art of Breathing
Ganesh Singh, who teaches a breathing course at Just Yoga in Shanghai, shares with us his insights on how breathing works and how we can better utilise it for our daily life.


Through the Surface
How do we keep our bodies at the right temperature when we move outdoors? We spoke to An Ko Rau 0, an athletic label in Shanghai, to find out how they use clothing to help us adapt to fluctuating conditions.


When Spaces Breathe
What happens when we let natural wind flow into physical spaces? Vector Architects, whose practice connects people with Nature, share their thoughts and projects.


Riding the Wind
How does it feel to glide with the wind? We spoke to Jonny Durand, one of the best hang gliding pilots in the world, to learn more about his experiences and what it feels like to fly in the sky.


Wind Drawings
Mark Nystrom creates wind drawings using analog and digital processes to visualize the movement of air over time. He shares with us his process of creating the artwork, where the wind is not only the subject, but also a collaborator.


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