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In 1968, American poet Richard Brautigan executed a still quite creative proposal, in which he wrote a poetry collection about seeds and invited us to plant them, resulting in "Please Plant This Book." 


The creative cultural institution ,One Villain and 49 Horses’ recreated the Chinese version of “Please Plant This Book” following Brautigan’s original creative format. 


"Please Plant This Book" differs from typical poetry collections that use book pages to carry text. The eight botanical poems about flowers are printed on eight seed packets, with planting instructions on the back, and the packets contain the respective seeds.


Hidden within the bouquet are eight small paper bags, each containing a different flower type. On each paper bag are eight classic poems by Dickinson. These poems were selected from Dickinson's existing collection of over 8,000 poems. Roses, strawberries, grass, dandelions, violets, asters, jasmine, and clover—eight different types of seeds—are wrapped in the paper bags, combining to create one's own poetic garden.


Plant Process:

  • Put the seeds into the water for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Transplant the seeds to a flowerpot, and cover seeds with soil.
  • In order to keep the soil wet, water one time each day, put the flowerpot under the sun for 2 to 4 hours each day.
  • Take care with patience, the seeds would germinate about 10 to 14 day.



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Please Plant This Book [ bouquet version ]

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