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Latent Unicode - Yuya Suzuki


The book is titled “Latent Unicode” and is about hidden shared codes latent in the real world. He tries to derive from fragmentary elements in the urban landscape, of which we are usually unaware, a unique latent code that relates to our collective unconscious. In this book, the main works are installations, but also photographs of cities and drawings that are the image sources for his works are included to show how he perceives the real world and how he tries to extract the latent Unicode from it as he moves through real cities in the world. 


Two book system with open thread sewn

Open cover, specially color printed on grey Cardboard (300g/m2) 

Size: 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Volume: book1, 64 pages, book2, 80 pages

Offset printed by Gallery Print Berlin 

Design: Yuya & Doooogs

Editors: Yuya & Doooogs

Publisher: Migrant Bird Space 


First Edition: 500 copies

ISBN: 978-3-9825273-0-7 


In his works, Yuya Suzuki has developed a series of "archegraph studies" in which he considers the city as an accumulation of the collective unconscious and extracts the shapes and structures found there as his unique symbols through the process of drawing, mainly in European and East Asian cities. In recent years, he has transformed these symbolic images into a various media, including sculpture, video, advertising media, multiples, and printed matter, to create installation works. In his installations, his unique alphabets traverse various media, presenting an intermediate perspective between reality and fiction, present and future.


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Latent Unicode

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