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A thin booklet 薄簿仔 - Issue 12 隔離 Isolation 


collaboration zine, based in HK. Current issue:12

Designed and printed by @4res

Date of Publish:June 2020
Amount:300 copies
Spec:A6 Riso Aqua Blue and Orange 28pp 雞皮紙 蝴蝶釘
參與藝術家 Participating Artists:Alyssa Africa, Candy-Kubik, Inksundae, Jason Li, jink, pop & zebra, Shoko Matsuki, YSB Artist, 尼間麵包店, 林沂, 貓


More infos: athinbooklet


A thin booklet - Issue 12 隔離 Isolation [Limited Edition]

6,00 €Price

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