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After the flooding in Zhengzhou, two of our beloved independent bookstores are facing new difficulties - damaged facilities, books and the cancellation of events, as well as the effect of pandemic.


A special collaboration for postcard sale has been launched in China since a couple weeks, organized by 谭阿梨, more than 300 Illustration artists and booksellers in different cities have participated, giving our creativity and love, be supportive to each other.


As part of the local publischer communities, Doooogs joined the mission with our drawings, and now taking care of the sale in Germany.


The limited sale starts from 19.08 till 30.08, all the money will be collected and donated for the rebuilding.


You will get a selection of 10 Postcards, in the total price of 4 Euro, to  support us and the bookstores.


357 Artists

12 Booksellers

10,000 Postcards

for 1 Mission - Buy Postcard, save our Bookstores!


*Attention: shipment starts from 30.08*


Postcard is in A6 format


W14.8 CM x H10 CM


Colors may vary depending on the monitor setting.


*Our postal service currently only accept packages to Germany due to the pandemic*


stay safe and healthy ♥︎


Instagram: doooogsbooks

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Buy postcard, save our bookstores - limited sale

4,00 €Price

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