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Be Water Journal Magazine 水象 Issue 03 Nature 自然而然


The third issue Be Nature focused on the relationship between contemporary people and nature, discussing the practice of ecological art, natural building, the wisdom of indigenous people, synthetic biology , Chinese medicine, etc. 


size: 170 x 240 cm Pages: 312 Word count: over 120,000 Chinese words, 50,000 English words 


Be Water Journal, narrows the focus on "person", capturing the "Cultural Creatives" from around the world, people that immerse themselves in creation and life, heading towards their hopes and ideals along with their insightful reflections on the environment and ecology, social issues, ethnic and regional culture, and more.


With an ingeniously designed mix of thoughts, artworks and lifestyles from globally distributed the cultural creatives, Be Water Journal aims at establishing an innovative platform for cross-boundary exchanges and cooperation, helping grasp a world understanding of East and West, as well as traditions and contemporary culture, in a quest for integration and a sustainable future.


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Content from Issue 3:


Claudeverett, architecture

Behind the issue of ecology, how to examine the human system

claudeverett is a Chinese architecture studio, based in the countryside of Milan. They are more care about the earth and ecology issues. 


Zheng Bo, artist

Spring would Come

Hong Kong based artist, writer, and teacher Zheng Bo looks beyond the human centred and technologically focused modern world in his social, ecological, and community-focused art practice. 


Henk Wildschut, photographer


Henk Wildschut (Harderwijk, NL, 1967) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and now lives and works in Amsterdam. He began his “Shelter” series in 2005. In 2010, “Shelter” and the film “4.57 Minutes Back Home” was awarded the Kees Scherer prize as the best Dutch photo book of the years 2009 / 2010. “Shelter” was also awarded the prestigious Dutch Doc 2011 Award as the best documentary project. 


SelgasCano, architecture

Stop Being An Architect, Be A Gardener

SelgasCano is a Spanish architectural office based in Madrid and founded in 1998 by José Selgas and Lucía Cano. The atelier focuses on the use of polychromy, creative exploration of new materials and the relationship between architecture and its surrounding landscape. 


Eileen Hall, artist

Tribute To Unknown, A Cave Expedition of Hall’s Family

Eileen Hall was born in Quito-Ecuador and has lived in the UK for 23 years where she studied Art & Architec-ture. Since her father Stan Hall’s death in 2008, Eileen has carried on her research and exploration of Cueva de los Tayos and has been featured on a number of TV shows, documentaries and articles on the story. 


Pinwu, designer

A group of designer who’s living in the Qingshan Village

Pinwu design studio has founded Rong Design Library in Hangzhou . They try to mix contemporary design with Chinese traditional crafts and materials. 


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Be Water Journal Magazine Issue 03

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