Riso Zine「Super Super! Girl's Daily」
BOOM BOOM!! Super Girl's Daily! Lipstick? Buttocks? Hair removal? And daydreams of girls in all kinds of changes?... it's for your heart!
轰轰轰!超脱力少女日常生活!口红?屁股?去腿毛?还有百变少女白日梦?... 是给你心心呀!
Illustration by
@ccricricc @monsterworkshop_studio
Size, Page, Paper & Binding
100 × 100 mm, 36p 蝴蝶骑马钉(挂钉), 115g Cotton Paper
Risograph Ink Color
3 Colors - Blue, Yellow, Fluo. Pink

Monsterworkshop | Riso Zine「Super Super! Girl's Daily」超脱力少女日常

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