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Be Water Journal 水象 issue01: Responses to the Present


284pages Chinese Version + 80 pages English als an easy-to-follow translation supplement Book + 32 pages illustration booklet


The first issue of BE WATER JOURNAL focuses on cultural creative who keep flowing like water, gleaning nutrition from all kinds of things. More importantly, they keep a clam observation and reflection on the current era regardless of the noised in man's world, taking a fresh look at many social issues including "the mixing of cultures, revival of traditions, technology, urbanization, ethnic coexistence, post-disaster life".


Be Water Journal, narrows the focus on "person", capturing the "Cultural Creatives" from around the world, people that immerse themselves in creation and life, heading towards their hopes and ideals along with their insightful reflections on the environment and ecology, social issues, ethnic and regional culture, and more.

With an ingeniously designed mix of thoughts, artworks and lifestyles from globally distributed the cultural creatives, Be Water Journal aims at establishing an innovative platform for cross-boundary exchanges and cooperation, helping grasp a world understanding of East and West, as well as traditions and contemporary culture, in a quest for integration and a sustainable future.


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Be Water Journal Magazine 水象 Issue 01 Responses to the Present

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